EV Home Charger in Greater London

Electric vehicles are the future. With diesel and petrol prices rising daily, electric cars are becoming more and more appealing to the general public. Almost every carmaker has its version of an electric vehicle, and the intelligent car charger we supply at Flamingo Enterprises is designed with this in mind.

Adaptable, dynamic, and intelligent, Flamingo Enterprises has the best home charging station available. The home car charge points we supply can be found below.

Home Charging Point

If you're looking for a reliable home car charger in the Greater London area, Flamingo Enterprises offers the best solution for charging your electric car from the comfort and safety of your home. To reach 80% charge in an electric car, most vehicles only require an hour and can be left to fully charge overnight so that your electric car is ready to go as soon as you wake up. Our electric car charging point offers EV smart charging with a universal socket and auto power balancing to help with energy usage and electricity costs to keep those energy bills low.

EV charging doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Compared to modern petrol and diesel prices, investing in an electric vehicle and home chargers could help you save money in the long run. All you need in your home is a reliable power supply and dedicated off-street parking to avoid running a charging cable over a footpath. At Flamingo Enterprises, we provide EV home chargers at a fair and reasonable price to our customers in Greater London.

Why Use a Home Electric Car Charger?

If you have an electric car, investing in an EV charger for your home means you'll have access to a charging station on your property. This allows you to cut down on time spent at a designated car charging station and gives you options to keep yourself busy at home rather than linger. At the same time, you wait for your vehicle to charge fully, which could take hours depending on your vehicle and the condition of the vehicle's battery. All you need on your property is an electrical supply that can be used during the installation process of your charger to provide charge to your car battery.

Electric cars are low to zero-emission vehicles and qualify for a government grant covering £1,500 to go towards a purchase. There is also an electric vehicle homecharge scheme that makes a 75% contribution towards the price of your home charger. It'sIt'ser has been cheaper to invest in a charging unit for your home. Here at Flamingo Enterprises, we offer an efficient and reliable charger for EV drivers in Greater London and beyond.

Why Choose Flamingo Enterprises?

When it comes to finding an EV charging solution for your home, we are committed to providing only the best option on the market. All of our electrical products come to us from trusted and reputable suppliers to guarantee our customers are receiving the best quality electrical products at our competitive prices.

Our team is on hand to provide expert advice when organising the purchase of your cost-effective vehicle charge point. We have been a part of the electrical industry for several years and are highly knowledgeable about the products we stock.

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For expert advice when it comes to purchasing a charger for your electric car or vehicle, our team at Flamingo Enterprises is here to help! Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide excellent advice before committing to any purchase.

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