Wylex 10A Double Pole 1 Module B Curve 6kA 30mA AFDD Combined RCBO NXB10AFD

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Brand : Wylex
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Wylex NXSB10AFD 10A Combined AFDD/RCBO. Packed within a single module construction NXSB10AFD provides protection from arc fault detection device, offers additional 18th Edition protection against electrical fires that cannot be offered by MCBs, RCDs and RCBO's. AFDDs will detect and disconnect dangerous electrical arcing faults, reducing the risk of fires from occurring in domestic properties.

Packed within a single module NXSB10AFD provides the protection capability of an RCBO, detecting earth fault currents, overload and short circuit currents whilst incorporating the capabilities of an AFDD, protecting against arc faults, overheating and insulation faults in wiring systems through continuous continuously monitoring the circuit for a variety of conditions, including the duration of the arc, irregularity and the waveform. When a fault is detected the device shuts down the supply preventing the risk of fire.

The purpose of the new AFDD device is to reduce the estimated 13,000 electrical fires that occur each year in the UK, and although the installation of an AFDD is not strictly a regulation requirement, it is highly recommended for any property to have one installed for peace of mind and for the protection it offers


  • 1P+N arc fault detection device (AFDD)
  • Single Module
  • Easy to install
  • Combined 30mA miniature RCBO/AFDD
  • Type: B curve
  • Breaking capacity 6kA
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Rating: 10 Amp
  • Trip current: 30mA
  • Terminal capacity: 0.75mm² - 16mm²
  • Number of poles: Single pole and neutral
  • Number of modules: 1
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Height: 90mm
  • Width: 18mm
  • Depth: 77mm
  • Standards: BS EN 62606 & IEC 61009-1

Weight 0.165000
Manufacturer Wylex
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